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month9TC1 & TC2

Theory of RS and Ecosystem Modelling will cover the basic background to RS measurements (radiometric theory, electromagnetic spectrum, calibration and validation approaches for earth observation data; atmospheric correction and vicarious calibration) and the background to ecosystem modelling using RS data.

Training course on Orfeo Toolbox (OTB) and Sentinel-2 Toolbox (S2TB) for the retrieval of vegetation parameters and upscaling/downscaling methods. OTB and S2TB are open-source software for remote sensing data processing and for scientific analysis of the data products from the Multi-Spectral Instrument of the Sentinel-2 mission.


UAV Science training will result in the participants being fully competent in safe flight of UAVs, and in flight planning for collection of scientific data. The course will focus on training students using the latest 3D Robotics airframes coupled with an open source pixhawk control system



Summer school on field experimental design and data acquisition (Field data, RS data). The course aim at the education of the students about field data acquisition, sampling design, system calibration. The summer school will take place at Las Majadas, Spain and will give the possibility to the students to acquire field data and UAV data.



Training course on Sentinel-2 for Agriculture Monitoring Activities (Sen2-Agri). This open source software is designed to ingest in situ information and remotely sensed time series (e.g. Sentinel-2, Landsat 8 images) to predict ecosystem services in agriculture ecosystems.


Summer school on Remote sensing for traits mapping in agriculture. Topics of the training school will be the planning of an airborne survey with optical and thermal sensors, UAV and Airborne data processing.






External experts will be invited to train on career development in different sectors form academia to enterprise and start-up. Training will focus on how to make a business plan, management and team building, IP rights. Non-academic participant will also share their expertise during dedicated round tables.


International conference titled: “Remote sensing in modelling of ecosystem processes” where ESRs will take part in the organization of the event (experiencing managing steps such as: topic selection, panels’ schedule, external expert invitation, logistics, learned during the training programme). ESRs will be trained with complementary skills increasing their intersectoral career perspectives..