14. PO – Universidad de Alcalá (Esp)

The Geography Unit at the University of Alcalá is specialized in research and teaching activities in the field of Geographic Information Technologies (GIT). The Unit coordinates a postgraduate program with both master and doctorate components in this discipline since 1990. During this time, more than 90 PhD theses have been presented. For the last 30 years, the members of the two research groups integrating the Geography Unit have participated in a remarkable number of national and international research projects on GIT developments and applications. The research group focussing on GIT and Territorial Analysis has paid attention to the analysis of socio-territorial issues (optimal services location, spatial-temporal modelling, risk mapping), thematic cartography, public health, landscape studies and rural development. The research group on Environmental Remote Sensing has specialized in topics such as estimation of fuel moisture content from satellite images and meteorological indices, generation and assessment of forest fire risk indices, fuel mapping from optical, hyperspectral and LiDAR data, estimation of fire severity using radiative transfer models, forest fire mapping from satellite images, and analysis of forest fire on global dynamics of vegetation. In addition to this, both research groups participate in the designing and development of innovative proposals for teaching and learning GIT.