10. PO – CS (Toulouse, France)

CS SI is a recognized supplier for space software systems. It is the first space software provider for CNES (the French Space Agency) and the only French company acting as prime frame contractor for ESA.

Deeply involved namely in the Sentinel-2 mission with the responsibility of the Mission Performance Centre (MPC), the implementation of the Image Processing Facility (IPF) and of the Mission Performance Assessment (MPA), as well as the development of the Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 Toolboxes, CS SI has a strong and long term background in image processing.

This background starts from satellite quality image centre up to geographic applications integrating satellite image processing, such as for instance the development of an open-source based system dedicated to agriculture monitoring in the frame of the Sentinel-2 for Agriculture project.

CS SI is also strongly involved in big data technologies and distributed cloud computing in order to address the challenge of the huge amount of Copernicus data to manage and process.

At last, CS SI is used to work in very close collaboration with the space user community in the field of EO processing tools promotion and training (Orfeo Toolbox, Sentinel-2 Toolbox) and is already involved in several EU projects related to Copernicus user uptake activities, such as the H2020 Trustee project.