7. PB – MPI (Jena, Germany)

The Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, a research institute of the German Max Planck Society (MPG),was founded in 1997 in Jena. Its research mission is the investigation of global biogeochemical cycles and their interaction with the climate system. The institute combines strong observational expertise (in-situ and remote sensing GHG observations, vegetation-atmosphere fluxes etc.) with local to global scale biosphere and atmosphere modelling (e.g. carbon cycle).

The department of Biogeochemical Integration, where Trustee will take place, focuses on biosphere-atmosphere interactions, coupling of biogeochemical cycles (e.g. water, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus) and the role of soils therein from ecosystem to global scale. The BGI comprises a large portfolio of expertise, such as Earth Observation, numerical modelling, computational statistics, machine learning, and model-data integration as well as eddy covariance, ecosystem physiological and soil ecological methods.