6. PB – AeroVision BV (NL)

AeroVision is a high end consulting company specialised in geo-spatial information governance. We assist our clients with defining their geo-spatial data needs. We help them to satisfy these needs and implement it in their daily work.

AeroVision is specialized in the application of imaging and surveying data. In agriculture we act in information management, governance, SDI development and assessment, procurement and implementation. AeroVision is independent from any data or system supplier, allowing us to maintain our focus on what users need and want. We combine our geomatics expertise with specific competences on requirements elicitation, stakeholder engagement, procurement activities and systems assessments for business improvement. Besides agriculture, AeroVision has specific expertise in water management, utilities and urban planning.
Our efforts create added value to organizations that strategically invest in geospatial information and that want to make the right decision based on the right information. Updated and qualitative information assures faster and better decisions. AeroVision has a track record on stakeholder involvement, requirements engineering, innovation brokerage and technology transfer.


Tamme van der Wal

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