5. PB – FEM (San Michele all’Adige, IT)

Edmund Mach Foundation (formerly Istituto Agrario di San Michele all’Adige, founded in 1874) is an institution delivering a range of education, training, research and technology transfer programs in the fields of agriculture, food processing and sustainable development.

The Research Unit “Forest ecology and biogeochemical cycles (EFCB)” of Fondazione Edmund Mach aims at quantifying the inter-annual changes in the carbon and greenhouse gas and the role of the ecosystem in mitigating climate change. In particular, energy and matter (carbon, water, nitrogen) fluxes between atmosphere and biosphere are analysed and models simulating vegetation systems and turbulent and radiative transfer are used.

The mission of EFCB is to investigate the interactions between vegetation, soil and climate, providing relevant insights both for the international scientific community (pilot projects development on carbon balance at a regional scale) and for the regional stakeholders (management optimisation, definition of guidelines for sustainable use of forest resources). Research activities focusing on the interactions between vegetation canopy and the atmosphere chemical-physical layer are also considering plant traits information. Using proximal and remote sensing tools, ecosystem observations are upscaled to the regional scale.