3. PB – CSIC (Madrid, Spain)

CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) is Spain’s largest public research institution, and ranks third among Europe’s largest research organization. CSIC is under the responsibility of Spain’s Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, and plays a key role in scientific and technological policy in Spain and worldwide. SpecLab  “Spectroscopy and environmental remote sensing laboratory” at CSIC is integrated by group of scientist that seeks to advance in Climate Change knowledge through the application of Geographic Information Technologies at multiple scales. From local comprehensive field campaigns to global satellite observations, the goal is to comprehend how climate change affects the physical environment and human activities. For over ten years the work of the group has focused on environmental Remote Sensing  by estimating multiscalar key biophysical vegetation variables in natural terrestrial ecosystems and agricultural land, including leaf area index, canopy water content, leaf pigments and nitrogen content. Field sampling of these variables validate estimates from field, UAV, airborne and satellite, multi and hyper spectral sensors. The group currently coordinates a research project (SynerTGE http://www.lineas.cchs.csic.es/synertge/) that focuses on the development/improvement of medium scale remote sensing products for the estimation of key vegetation biophysical variables from the combination of Landsat-8 (LT-8) and Sentinel-2 (S-2) data.