News - 19/07/2018

New ESR position focused on fluorescence open for applications at Research Center Jülich, Germany!

One Early Stage Researcher (ESR)  position is offered in the frame of TRuStEE – Training on Remote Sensing for Ecosystem modelling, a Marie SklodowskaCurie Innovative Training Network Action. 

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Sun-induced and laser-induced fluorescence –novel indicators of vegetation stress and resource use efficiency.

In the frame of this project the Early State Researcher  will use several new measurement approaches that all allow the quantification of fluorescence emission on the canopy and plot scale for a better understanding of dynamic vegetation stress response. He/she will aim for a better scientific understanding of vegetation stress response and the link to photosynthesis by applying existing and developing novel fluorescence measurement protocols and concepts. He/she will use active fluorescence approaches (LIFT techniques) as well as passive fluorescence techniques to quantify sun-induced fluorescence on the canopy and plot scale. The knowledge will be used to further develop operational instruments and measurement concepts and will be used to further enhance our scientific understanding of the dynamic vegetation stress response.

The candidate will be employed at the Research Center Julich (Institute of Bio- and Geosciences) under the supervision of Dr.Uwe Rascher.