News - 19/07/2018
New ESR position focused on fluorescence open for applications at Research Center Jülich, Germany!
One Early Stage Researcher (ESR)  position is offered in the frame of TRuStEE – Training on Remote Sensing for Ecosystem modelling, a Marie SklodowskaCurie Innovative Training Network Action.  Head over to the link to learn more! ESR POSITION TOPIC Sun-induced and laser-induced fluorescence –novel indicators of vegetation stress and resource use efficiency. ... Read more
News - 19/04/2018
(VIDEO) TRUSTEE – remote sensing for ecosystem modelling – An insight into the network
In this video the “TRUSTEE – remote sensing for ecosystem modelling” Marie Skłodowska-Curie action Innovative Training Network (MSCA-ITN) is presented. The footage was shot during the Training School on drone field operations for environmental monitoring, held in Falmouth (UK) in 2017. TRUSTEE students from all over Europe learned how to use drones to acquire remote sensing images, process them, and get out fruitful information for their own scientific project. Be sure to check us out on Twitter ( or Facebook  (! Read more
News - 21/11/2017
New version of Orfeo ToolBox 6.2.0
The OTB Dev Team announced that a new version of Orfeo ToolBox 6.2.0 is out! As usual, ready-to-use binary packages are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X: You can also checkout the source directly with git: git clone OTB -b release-6.2 Read more
News - 07/03/2017
Kick off meeting was held at the University of Milano Bicocca.
The kick off meeting took place at the University of Milano Bicocca on December 13, 2016. Twenty partecipants attended the meeting coming from all the institutions involved in TRUSTEE. In particular: Institution Representative   Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca (UNIMIB)   Micol Rossini, Cinzia Panigada, Tommaso Julitta, Laura Masiero   University of Exeter (UNEXE)   Karen Anderson   MAX-PLANCK-GESELLSCHAFT ZUR FORDERUNG DER WISSENSCHAFTEN EV (MPG)   Mirco Migliavacca   AGENCIA ESTATAL CONSEJO SUPERIOR DEINVESTIGACIONES CIENTIFICAS (CSIC)   Maria Pilar Martin, Javier Pacheco Labrador   FORSCHUNGSZENTRUM JULICH GMBH (Juelich) Andreas Burkart, Greta Mittweg   UNIVERSITEIT TWENTE (UT)   Christiaan Van der Tol   FONDAZIONE EDMUND MACH (FEM)   Damiano Gianelle, Loris Vescovo, Eleonora Trapin   AEROVISION BV (AEROVISION)   Tamme van der Wal   VLAAMSE INSTELLING VOOR TECHNOLOGISCH ONDERZOEK N.V.(VITO) Ils Reusen, Stephanie Delalieux   QUESTUAV LTD (QuestUAV)   Nigel King   CS   Thierry Rabaute   Trilogis   Giuseppe Conti   Trend2000 Ltd   Peter Sheard   Read more
News - 01/10/2016
Official start of TRuStEE project