Multi-temporal and multi-source assessment of plant traits and ecosystem functional properties in agriculture

Host Institute
VITO Remote Sensing
Host Country


The ESR project objective is to develop an improved method for an accurate assessment of Plant Traits (PT) and Ecosystem Functional Properties (EFP) in precision agriculture by using and combining multi-temporal and multi-source Remote Sensing (RS) and in-situ data. Data collected at the Experimental Fruit Centre (PcFruit) in Belgium, one of the Belair sites, will be used. Algorithms to improve the processing chain for high resolution RS data for precision agriculture applications will be developed.
To reach this project objective the following activities are planned:
– Data fusion techniques to enhance information extraction.
– Multi-temporal analysis of PT indicators.
– Generation of PT maps.
In addition, the ESR activities will include:
– To participate in measurement field campaigns;
– To publish a minimum of three scientific papers and a PhD dissertation;
– To participate in project meetings and trainings and to present results at conferences.


This position involves the secondment of about 6 months:
– UNEXE & QuestUAV, UK under the supervision of Dr. Anderson (M8, 2 months), who will train the ESR in UAV system and sensor training, and spatial data analysis;
– CSIC, Spain under the supervision of Dr. Martin (M12, M24, M30), who will train the ESR in 1) data collection and processing, 2) algorithm development 3) application of developed stress detection algorithm;
– UT, The Netherlands under the supervision of Dr. van der Tol (M17, 1 months), who will train the ESR in crop growth modelling, and data fusion.


The activity will be supervised by Dr. Stephanie Delalieux.