Name: Juan

Surname: Quiros

I am from Costa Rica, where I did my undergrad in Agronomy. I worked for a precision ag. consultancy company in countries of Latin America and Africa, where my contributions included: crop and yield monitoring, soil and topographic mapping, and the adoption of precision ag. tools, such as: autosteering, spraying and land leveling GNSS/RTK systems. Afterwards, I came back to the academy doing my masters in remote sensing at the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), where I developed two case studies in conjuction with Washington State University (WSU): the first about tree counting in an open-field apple nursery, and the second one concerning chickpea field phenotyping. Subsequently, I worked as a research associate at WSU, where my efforts were focused on the processing of sUAS-based multispectral imagery to phenotype legume crops.
Currently, my research interest is towards: chlorophyll fluorescence retrieval, photosynthetic efficiency assessment, remote sensing, and data analytics; with applications on high-throughput field phenotyping and site specific crop management. After this phase in the academy, my plan is to return to Latin America and Africa, where I want to leverage the learnings working on key agricultural and environmental projects for the benefit of human beings in Need.
After work hours what I most enjoy is to spend quality time with my wife and daughter, or just going outside for a walk in the nature to relax my mind.