NAME: David

SURNAME: Martini

I am David, I am from Italy and I am happy to have recently joined the Biosphere-Atmosphere Experimentation group at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena. My Background is a BSc in Forest and Environmental Science at the University of Turin, Italy and a MSc at Wageningen University, the Netherlands In Forest and Nature Conservation. I have specialized in plant ecology with a special focus on functional leaf traits. I have investigated the effect of drought and fire on photosynthesis in African seedlings during my MSc thesis and I continued my study of leaf traits during my internship at Oxford University by looking at leaf venation and its relationship with photosynthesis, nitrogen content and water use efficiency.

The aim of my PhD is to investigate the factors controlling the relationship between Ecosystem Functional Properties and sun-induced fluorescence and canopy reflectance and under different nutrient conditions using model-data integration approaches. I am currently working on the effect of nutrient manipulation (within SMANIE) and  elevated CO2 and temperature (CLIMGRASS) on Sun Induced Fluorescence (SIF). I am also focusing on the relationship between time series of SIF and CO2 and water fluxes.

Out of work I really like to exercise, I usually go the gym, but I also like cycling and roller skating.