NAME: Dominic

SURNAME: Fawcett

I grew up in Schaffhausen, a pleasant town in the north of Switzerland. My fascination with the natural sciences goes back a long way and has ranged from toads to tectonics. These interests led me to study geography at the University of Zurich where I was introduced to remote sensing for the first time and recently graduated with an MSc in this field. But as a geography student I also have a keen interest in travelling and experiencing places and cultures first hand, or what I like to call ground-truthing. Luckily I had many opportunities to take part in field trips, most recently to Australia. I dabble in photography and enjoy hiking, through which I have explored much of the swiss Alps as well as Wales, which is like a second home to me. Now my path takes me to Cornwall where, besides all this, I will be developing techniques of characterizing vegetation from UAV platforms. I also look forward to the international collaboration the TRUSTEE project offers, and together hope to push the frontiers of ecosystem remote sensing..