NAME: Javier


I studied Biology and took a master degree on “Conservation, Management and Restoration of the Biodiversity” at the University of Granada. With this background, I am interested in anything related with ecosystem functioning and what can we do to understand it. In the past years, I have used Object Based Image Analysis and aerial images for the semi-automatic detection of different kinds of vegetation in various ecosystems, from semi-arid deserts to high Mediterranean mountains. In arid ecosystems, I have used aerial images and 3D models for studying how vegetation is related with underground water, understanding how underground-water dependent ecosystems work.
I am interested in developing small and affordable aerial platforms which allow monitoring vegetation with different sensors, from simple RGB cameras to hyperspectral ones. I like programming anything (software, sensors, drones…), and automate any process that can save some time to the user, so I could describe myself as an “ecogeek”. Field work is one of my favourite things to do. I enjoy working outdoors, especially when having to spend some days away from the office. I strongly believe this is one of the best parts of this job!