NAME: Anton

SURNAME: Evdokimov

During joint MSc covered by a highly competitive 2-year Erasmus Mundus scholarship, I have focused my studies on Remote Sensing and GIS for environmental modelling, and developed a deep interest for computational methods and machine learning applications in environmental science. This was backed by a broad academic background and strong math skills achieved through my BSc in Physical Geography and Geoecology.

Aiming at growing professionally within technology oriented environment, I gained working experience in a small, fast-paced and highly innovative electronics engineering company during and after my MSc degree. Rising from part time production to a managerial position within a year, I have tremendously improved my soft skills. Having desire to focus on research in data, I earned a Marie Curie grant for a data scientist position to become an expert in AI applications for data analytics.

This diverse experience allowed me to realize that my strongest skills are within research and development domain, and willing to connect my interest in computational methods and knowledge in environmental science, I am happy to participate in TRuStEE.