NAME: Georgios


I hold a BSc degree in Agriculture, Crop Production and Rural Environment (University of Thessaly, School of Agricultural sciences) and an MSc Degree in the field of Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resource Management (University of Thessaly, School of Agricultural sciences).

My academic activity was related to Precision Agriculture and specifically, my bachelor’s project was about the configuration of a linear fertilizer spreader for variable rate application in the context of Precision Agriculture. My master’s project was the development of a software, the creation of a prototype linear fertilizer spreader for variable rate application and the testing of this system in orchards.

During the last semester of my master’s degree program, I spent five months in Copenhagen University (Denmark) under the Erasmus training placement. Throughout that time, I worked on drones and in the practical use of UAS imagery in relation to crop heterogeneity and weed assessments. After the end of my Erasmus placement, I stayed in Copenhagen University for five more months working as a research assistant in the same subject.

Being part of the TRuStEE project and conducting a PhD will give me the opportunity to strengthen my knowledge and acquire practical skills in the subject of Remote sensing and Precision Agriculture.