NAME: Khelvi

SURNAME: Biriukova

My scientific interests lie in the fields of physical geography, remote sensing, GIS and environmental modelling. I graduated as a geomorphologist from Lomonosov Moscow State University, where I defended the thesis “Geomorphodynamics in the Afar basin”. The research was based on experimental modeling of structure – forming deformations under various geodynamic conditions of spreading in rift zones. I continued my education at King’s College London, where I obtained Master’s Degree in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management. My studies were focused on acquiring technical skills to manage the consequences of environmental, climatic, and land use changes, including projects on modelling ecosystem functional properties (CO2 exchange) and canopy conductance modelling using field and remotely sensed data (MODIS). For my MSc dissertation, I performed landslide risk assessment over the area of the Geyser Valley on Kamchatka peninsula, which is highly prone to catastrophic geological events, by producing a landslide inventory and susceptibility maps using ASTER data.

After graduation, I worked as a senior geographic sourcing analyst at TomTom for a year and a half, where I was mainly responsible for collecting, verifying, and preparing source material and updating the navigation systems database.

My return to academia is caused by the desire to be among the next generation of scientists, who are capable both to provide in-depth knowledge of ecosystems functions and to exploit evolving remote sensing technologies and new satellite platforms for the development of novel analysis methods. Upon completing this Ph.D., I aspire to implement these skills in a leading precision agriculture analytics provider.